ASRock Becomes the First Company to Offer Intel’s Arc A380 Graphics Card in the US

A few days ago, ASRock introduced the Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX OC graphics card in the Chinese market for $150 USD. Just discovered by popular leaker @momom_us, ASRock has now become the first manufacturer to formally introduce the Intel Arc A380 graphics card to the U.S. market at a very enticing price point.

Being a Mini-ITX and factory overclocked custom design, the ASRock Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX OC graphics card has been featured at Newegg with an official MSRP of $139.99 USD. Compared to the competition, NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1630 starts at $179.99, while the AMD Radeon RX 6400 GPUs start at $149.99, making the Arc A380 at least $10 cheaper than its rivals. 

Intel Arc A380 spotted on Newegg for preorder at $139.99 | Image: Newegg

The A380 Challenger has a single fan with a Striped-Axial design pattern to enhance airflow. It also has 0dB fan technology, which makes sure that the fans don’t spin and make noise when working under light loads. In games that support DX12/Vulkan, the performance is generally more or less decent, while it is a little worse in older games.

The ASRock A380 is currently available for backorders and is anticipated to start on August 22 or the following week at the time of publication. The release of the ASRock variant of the A380 is promising since it depicts that Intel has formally entered the GPU market. 


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