ASRock Releases First Benchmarks of its Challenger Arc A380

With more and more GPU vendors jumping abroad the Arc train, ASRock became the second to release their own variant of the Arc A380.

At Weibo, ASRock posted a full review of ther Arc A380 Challenger. This GPU has been pictured in initial leaks. The SKU features a single-fan along with a 8-pin design. Although having a small TDP of just 75W, it can be powered entirely via the PCIe slot. Do bear in mind, ASRock didn’t officially announce a TDP for the A380, only a recommended system PSU wattage was provided (500W).

ASRock’s Intel Arc A380 | A I want to make a machine

If we take a look at the GPU-Z specifications for the A380 (From ASRock), at full load the GPU consumes 55W of power, which is still less than its TDP of 75W. The GPU voltage is relatively low at 0.972V explaining the low power consumption. Intel should really optimize their drivers because on slightly overclocking the A380, it performs miles better than the stock variant.

The GPU temperature is a high 85*C. Although, not life-threatening (for the GPU), but such high temperatures result in lower clocks causing decrements in performance. The GPU has an out of the box factory-overclocked frequency of 2250MHz, which under heavy loads goes up to 2450MHz, similar to GUNNIR’s Photon A380.

GPU-Z specifications of the Arc A380 | SMZDM

A few synthetic benchmarks were also provided where the A380 scores a respectable 2,169 points in Time Spy Extreme. This puts it above the GTX 1650 (2003 points) by around 8%. That’s a respectable improvement, although in-game performance varies heavily due to Intel’s optimization tiers.

Moving on to in-game performance, most games tested utilize the DX12 API (which Intel prefers). Do bear in mind, this performance may not be carried over to DX11 games as differences of over 2x in performance have been seen.

  • The Division 2 at High Settings: 53 FPS
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider at High Settings: 56 FPS
  • Cyberpunk 2077 at Medium Settings: 47.51 FPS
  • Gears of War 5 at High Settings: 63.1 FPS
  • Watch Dogs: Legion at High Settings: 49 FPS
  • League of Legends at High Settings : 166.9 FPS
  • CS:GO at High Settings: 160.1 FPS
  • DOTA 2 at High Settings: 146.2 FPS
  • APEX Legends at Medium Settings: 91.5 FPS
  • PUBG at Low Settings: 83.1 FPS
  • Eternal Calamity at Medium settings: 62.3 FPS

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