Intel Arc A380 ITX Variant From ASRock Spotted Online

The Arc A380 from ASRock has been discovered at multiple online stores.

The A380 is Intel’s first ever discrete GPU launched for the mainstream market. This SKU ships with a cut down variant of the low-end ACM-G11 GPU from Intel. It features 8 Xe Cores, 1024 FP32 Cores and 6 GB of GDDR6 VRAM running over a 96 bit memory bus. Intel has not used its own process node and opted to use TSMC’s 6nm technology for its Arc A series. You can read a bit more regarding this here.
Initially, only GUNNIR produced custom AIB variants of the A380, however, a while back ASRock jumped abroad the Arc train with its first custom low-end A380 pictured. Now, this GPU variant has officially been launched in China.
momomo_us on Twitter shared a picture showing the Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX 6GB OC variant from ASRock.

The Challenger Arc A380 will have a core frequency of 2250MHz, whereas the GUNNIR variant had a maximum boost clock of 2,450MHz. The interesting part is that the GPU requires a 500W power supply in comparison to the reference variant of the A380 which uses just 75W….Huh! So the rest of the system consumes ~425W, that’s a nice assumption.

Specifications of ASRock’s Arc A380

A while ago, a custom low end Arc A380 from ASRock came up on bilibili. This may as well be that same GPU.

ASRock’s Intel Arc A380 | A I want to make a machine

Those who wonder about the pricing, there has been no official mention regarding how much this GPU will cost. Although, we have some speculative prices;

  • Global Arc A380 = $129
  • GUNNIR’s Arc A380 (China) = $190
  • ASRock’s Arc A380 (China) = $149

As with any GPU launch in history, Intel had its fair share of problems with the GPUs being delayed from Q1 2022 down to Q3 2022. The word around town was that Intel planned to shut down its D-GPU department. However, refuting all rumours, Intel stated Q3 2022 as the final and global launch date of the Arc A series. Let’s see if team blue can keep up its promise as they only have 2 months left.



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