ASRock 2nd Gen MK2 RX580 and RX570 Phantom Gaming X GPUs Announced

After just entering the GPU market in March, ASRock announced their future GPU line-up at XFastest in Hong Kong. The next generation of ASRock video cards, MK2 (Mark 2 Edition), which will launch in August this year.

The XFastest event also covered their general GPU line-up through 2019, which includes selling their current line-up, plus the MK2 cards, through next year. The new Phantom Gaming X GPUs ASRock announced were the Radeon RX580 8G MK2 OC, Radeon RX570 8G MK2 OC, and the Radeon RX570 4G MK2 OC. Each of these cards has the same connectivity options; 2 DisplayPort 1.4 ports, 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, and one DVI port. Other than the basic port and model information, little is known about what changes the MK2 updates will bring. As of publishing this article, ASRock has not posted an announcement to their website, which could clarify some of the missing details.


Because the new ASRock release schedule does not include any Nvidia cards, it is safe to assume that the close partnership between ASRock and AMD has not wavered. The ASRock cards come with the Phantom Gaming Tweak software, which allows users to easily adjust fan speed, core clocks, and the memory frequency of their Phantom Gaming X GPUs.

There has been speculation on the XFastest reporting, as well as from Tom’s Hardware as to whether the MK2 models will improve the cooling. The original OC models were very loud with suboptimal cooling. The announcement from ASRock was not specific about what cooling improvements would be included on the MK2 models set to release next month.


It is unclear whether or not ASRock will be releasing any 600 series AMD cards before February 2019. This makes sense as there are no official dates specified for AMD’s 600 series, so we could expect a new announcement from ASRock once the dates are finalized.

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