Arm64EC Leaves Experimental Mode, Gets Official Support on Windows 11

Microsoft announced Arm64EC last year, which was a new application binary interface (ABI) for Windows 11 on ARM. This enabled easier development of interoperable apps that run on both x64 and ARM. Since it’s announcement last year, Arm64EC was in experimental mode undergoing further testing and bug fixes. 

Finally, Arm64EC is leaving the experimental mode with the 17.3 version release. This will certainly make the transition to ARM smoother for developers, even helping with apps that were so far blocked from moving to ARM due to x64 plugin dependencies. 

With Arm64EC, you can choose to start small and build incrementally. You can identify a part of your codebase that would benefit most from native performance and rebuild it as Arm64EC. The rest of the app will remain fully functional as emulated x64, but the recompiled Arm64EC parts will now have native speed. 

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The Windows experience on ARM is still not ideal, but Microsoft has kept on working on new tools like Arm-native Visual Studio 2022, VSCode, VC++ toolchain, and more to ensure a smoother integration. Arm64EC is just another step in that direction. 


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