ARM Powered Apple MacBook Computers to Release in November

The release date of the 2020 iPhones is only in a few days. While these are going to be the most powerful smartphones of the year considering the competition with the inclusion of 5G, these seem only a minor update over their respective predecessors. A comprehensive list of leaks and rumors around the iPhone 12 series can be found here.

On the other hand, Macbook laptops and other Macintosh devices are seeing a complete overhaul for 2020, at least in the processing and computing department. Apple has already announced that it will get rid of Intel microprocessors based on x86 architecture in favor of in house custom processors based on ARM architecture. During WWDC, Apple admitted that a complete overhaul is not possible immediately, and it will take at the most two years for the transition to take place completely.

Regardless, some of the Macintosh devices releasing this year will be based on the custom chips probably based on the A14X Bionic. Leaks have suggested that the 13-inch MacBook Pro model would most likely feature a 12-core custom Apple processor with a performance gain ranging from 50% to 100%. According to Kuo, a renowned analyst, the actual performance head will depend upon Apple’s design choices concerning the performance headroom. For example, if the processor is 50% efficient than a given Intel chip, then it is up to Apple whether to prioritize performance or battery life.

On the software side, things are going smoothly. It is believed that special optimizations have been made to ensure that the new CPUs are a huge success. Lastly, Forbes has reported that the ARM-powered MacBook launch will take place after the iPhone event, probably in November.


Mohsin Naeem

Mohsin is a budding writer who has a thing for PC hardware and gaming. He has been building computers according to the need of his clients and is well versed in the area. He is an economics major and the analytical skills he learned from his academics adds to his writing and gives him a unique way to observe the tech industry.
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