Are there Any Games like Harvest Moon?

The gaming world is a vast one and there are always new games you haven’t even heard about before that might grab your attention. Sure, today’s major games are advertised on every corner and the release of any game made by a major published is well-covered by the media. However, old and new gems are always on the market and a lot of people prefer playing somewhat less popular, indie games who are a bit more relaxed easy on the soul. It all comes down to personal preference and the amount of money one is able to spend on a video game

What Is Harvest Moon All About?

Harvest Moon was originally released for SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) but a re-release was made for the Wii and Wii U because of the game’s popularity. The game was developed by Amccus and it was originally released in Japan in 1996, North America in 1997 and in Europe in 1998. The game is essentially a farming simulator with an amazing backstory revolving around a boy who wants to revive his father’s farm and to make it amazing again. The gameplay consists of taking care of plants and animals in your farm by feeding them, watering them, etc.

Harvest Moon’s interface

Harvest Moon Alternatives for PC

A great RPG-based farming simulator is definitely hard to find for PC since games like this are often not so deep and complex. FarmVille is definitely an example we are not going to include since the game lacks in complexity but it’s definitely a great time killer. Note that no two games are quite similar and you probably won’t be able to relive the same experience you had with Harvest Moon. The quality of the games we are going to suggest as alternatives is objective and everyone will have something else to say about them.

Stardew Valley

This particular gem always seemed like the obvious choice because the game is simply marvelous. The game is visually quite similar to harvest moon and the in-game perspective is almost the same. The developers are still working hard on it and it has received a 97% all-time positive feedback, which is definitely something to note down. The game offers an RPG-like leveling system where you can improve your skills. There are a lot of NPCs to talk to, a lot of areas to explore and a lot of different events to take part in! The game is available on Steam, as well as on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The developers have also announced multiplayer and you can read some news about it on the game’s official site.

Stardew Valley is available on the next-gen consoles as well

Farm for your Life

Farm for Your Life is a farming game released back in 2013 by an indie published called Hammer Labs. The game tried to combine a lot of different elements in order to craft a game which can serve as a great entertainment when you want to rest your head from all the shooting and killing. Besides managing your farm, you can also make a restaurant and manage it to keep people full. When the night comes, you should have your defenses ready because that is when zombies attack! The game is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and it looks quite charming, to say the least.


SeedScape is a cute little game of exploration where you can do anything you want. The map is yours to explore and conquer and you can make your gardens and farms wherever you want, as soon as you gather enough resources to do so. The game is playable online and you can team up with a friend and get everything done a lot faster. The game looks like a lot of top-down classics and it has been Greenlit by the Steam’s community, meaning that you will be able to get your hands on it soon enough!

Farming in Seedscape
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Are there Any Games like Harvest Moon?

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