Intel Tests the Upcoming Arc A750 In Death Stranding at 1440p

Recently, Ryan Shrout in a video tested the Arc A750 to show off its HDR (High Definition Resolution) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) capabilities. Although, it wasn’t specifically targeted at testing the performance of this SKU, we can still get a rough idea.

The game tested was Death Stranding at the 1440p resolution using the ‘Default‘ settings. The GPU scores a respectable 80-100 FPS depending upon where you look. Do note that this testing was conducted using the DX12 API, so this is an Intel optimized title. 

Arc A750 in Death Stranding | Intel

The Arc A GPUs support almost any VRR enabled monitor, however, the company has authenticated around 100 monitors supporting VRR. VRR allows the monitor to change its refresh rate according to the frame rate, making the game as smooth as possible while eliminating screen tearing.

The game was also tested using an HDR capable monitor bringing to light the fact that these GPUs indeed support these technologies. 

In short, HDR basically means more colours and more contrast while you’re gaming. Most modern games today support HDR as long as you have monitor and a graphics card that support it as well. 

~ Ryan Shrout

As for the display support, Intel Arc GPUs ship with HDMI 2.0 support. However, customers have the option to add a PCON (Protocol Converter) for converting Display Port 1.4 to HDMI 2.1. This is done so that users can enjoy the goods offered by HDMI 2.1, if needed. The A750 does support HDMI 2.1, however, as for the lower end Arc GPUs that remains a question mark.

Intel’s leaked slide. Source : Intel / wccftech

No statement has been made regarding the pricing or the actual release date, however, we can expect these GPUs to arrive anytime now….Anytime now Intel. The Arc A750 features 24 Xe Cores and ships with 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM while consuming 225W of power. This GPU is expected to have performance on par with NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 from Ampere.

Intel’s leaked lineup for the Arc A series

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