Intel Arc Pro A50 & A40 Workstation GPUs Spotted Online, Feature Full ACM-G11 Configuration

Intel‘s Arc A-Series has been off to a slow and shaky start. While the company has launched both mobile and desktop SKUs as of now, they are extremely limited in availability and the drivers simply aren’t ready to push the hardware to its limits. There’s a whole fiasco about false benchmarks, and with AMD and NVIDIA about to unveil their next-gen GPUs, the Blue Team is not looking in a great position

Apart from Intel’s mainstream Arc efforts, the company is also planning to bring the discrete graphics lineup to Workstation. Intel Arc Pro has been outed in various leaks and rumors in the past which has revealed the two initial SKUs Intel is planning as part of the launch lineup. Today, a new leak has surfaced giving us our best insight into Arc Pro yet.

Intel Arc Pro A40/A50 leaked

Intel Arc Pro A50 and A40 have been spotted online on SiSoftware‘s Sandra database. They were first discovered by popular leaker @momomo_us and the since the database is ultimately a benchmarking platform, it ended up revealing crucial specs of both the GPUs.

Intel Arc Pro A40/A50 on SiSoftware’s Sandra database | SiSoftware

Interestingly, both A50 and A40 are based on the same GPU, the ACM-G11. That’s Intel’s flagship Arc GPU featuring 128 Execution Units, or 1024 cores. Arc Pro A50 and A40 are utilizing the full G11 die so that means they’re essentially flagships. Moreover, the  clock speed for both SKUs is listed at 2.4GHz. They feature 1MB of L2 cache and 6GB of GDDR6 memory running across a 96-bit wide bus interface.

Those specs are largely identical to the recently-announced Arc A380 desktop GPU. That SKU has a base clock speed of 2000MHz but can boost up to 2450MHz, which is the core clock we see in Arc Pro A40 and A50 above. As for the performance, in pure rasterization, they perform similarly to the GTX 1060 6GB, based on the GP (GPU) processing metric numbers.

However, as mentioned at the start, Intel’s software is not up to mark yet. The drivers still need a lot of work, so there is a solid chance there’s a large amount of untapped performance in these cards that we’re not seeing here.

That’s about everything we got from the database entries. There is no word on release date as of yet. If the Arc A380’s release is anything to go by, we can make an educated guess that these GPUs aren’t far away. Best case scenario, we can the Arc Pro A40/A50 launch in Q3 of this year. Till then, more leaks like this will keep us informed. 


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