Arc Browser Allows You to Edit the Internet with its New “Boosts” Feature

In recent years, web browsers have changed how they add new functionality. While privacy is still very important behind the scenes, the average user might not care too much about minor privacy improvements with each update.

As a result, browser developers have started prioritizing the user experience. With new, more appealing browsers like Arc available, many users may soon rethink using Chrome as their primary web browser. Just today, Arc has introduced “Boost 2.0” which would surely take this a step further.

So, what is Boosts? Well, according to The Browser Company, it is a feature that is aimed at improving the end-user experience on the web. When Boosts first came out in July 2022, it was mostly for developers.

People weren’t particularly interested at the time because the tool’s main objective was to make it easier for coders to develop browser extensions. Now, with Boost 2.0, the feature makes it easy for anyone to customize their browsing experience by providing a handful of basic tools.

While there is a lot you can do with this, Boosts, in a nutshell, has two functions. You can use it to make the text larger or smaller, change the color, or to hide specific sections of the website.

Green sure does suit the website | Appuals

See the vertical bar at the right. Well, that is what is used to change the outlook of any website you want. The bar includes a color picker that lets you modify the look of any site’s palette, and in many cases, you can also switch out the default font.

Underneath that, there is an option named “Zap.” This allows you to remove any element from a website, be it an annoying ad or simply something you just don’t use. People have different ideas of what they like or dislike, so let your imaginations run wild here!

In addition, the latest version adds the ability to share Boosts with other Arc users. Each Boost has its own unique permalink, so you can send it to a friend if you think you’ve come up with a really good boost for a website. Arc will also be compiling a collection of what it considers to be the best custom features at the Boost Gallery.

Boost Gallery | The Browser Company

With that said, there’s room for more to do with the “Code {}” option, but that isn’t made keeping in mind the masses. What’s available is still enough to tweak any website in any way you want. With that being said, this is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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