Intel Arc A770 European Pricing Revealed on German Website

The German store Geizahls has already advertised the Intel Arc A770 graphics card, which will go on sale tomorrow. $349 has been set as the price for US merchants, however Intel has not yet made the price for European markets public. Though it is now sold out, two German stores have advertised the Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition (LE) in stock with prices ranging from €431,18 to €461

The Intel Arc A750 graphics card is likewise not listed, but as the official launch draws near, vendors and merchants will most likely start to list the card in the coming days. The price seems to be in accordance with the information provided to US retailers. When converted, the higher sum reflected the expense of the VAT.  

Image: Geizhals 

The flagship Arc A770 from Intel’s Arc Alchemist family will have a 256-bit bus interface, 32 Xe-Cores, and the complete ACM-G10 GPU. The Intel Arc A770 will include 256-bit bus interfaces, 16GB and 8GB memory options, and a 225W TDP. The graphics card will have clock speeds of 2.1 GHz for the GPU and 17.5 Gbps for the GDDR6 memory, providing up to 560 GB/s of bandwidth.  

It is anticipated to be comparable to the RTX 3060 in terms of performance but to perform a little better. Several Arc A770 benchmarks may be found here and here. The graphics card will start at $329 US for the 8 GB version, and will cost $349 US for the Limited Edition model with 16 GB of memory. This is a very small premium for doubling the memory limit. 

Regarding the performance figures, Intel asserted that the Arc A770 outperforms its rivals by a factor of 65% on average when it comes to ray-tracing. The 1080p and 1440p benchmarks that Intel displayed at the presentation are posted below: 

You can buy the Arc A770 for for $329 USD when it arrives on October 12th. This GPU is anticipated to be available everywhere, at least to the best of Intel’s abilities, in contrast to Arc’s initial releases.


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