[Updated] This is What Intel’s Flagship Arc A750 Limited Edition Desktop GPU Looks Like IRL – Pictured by Gamers Nexus

Intel‘s upcoming, fully-fledged desktop GPUs couldn’t get here sooner. While the company has technically already launched its first-ever Arc desktop GPU—Arc A350—it has done so only in China, with reviews coming out of only that region. So far, we haven’t seen desktop Arc make its way to the States… that all changes today and in the best way possible. 

Gamers Nexus (you read that right), one of the industry’s most reputable names, have gotten their hands on the Arc A750. A new Arc GPU that Intel never announced or has confirmed the existence of. This is the first time we’re seeing the A750 in flesh, and it just happens to be the reference model with Intel’s “Limited Edition” design. The company teased this design back in March when it unveiled the Arc mobile GPUs. Everyone thought it was Intel’s best-of-the-best flagship GPU, but turns out, it wasn’t.

Intel Arc A750 desktop GPU in-real-life | Gamers Nexus

The Arc A750 is a top-end desktop graphics card from Intel featuring a cut-down version of the ACM-G10 GPU with 24 Xe-Cores. It should come with 12GB of GDDR6 memory running across a 192-bit wide bus interface; clock speeds are unknown as of now. Current reports suggest that the card will target NVIDIA‘s RTX 3060 series when it comes to performance.

Unless Intel has chosen to give up on the Arc A770 SKU, it seems like the company has made Limited Edition models for multiple graphics cards in the Arc lineup. Regardless, the GPU sports a sleek black shroud with a carbon-fiber look permeating the top. It also has the words “Arc A750 Limited Edition” etched onto the back plate. Gamers Nexus only posted one picture of the GPU so we can’t confirm the display I/O, or what the underside looks like.

However, we won’t have to wait long as Gamers Nexus has already started work on their review of the A750, that’s why they received the GPU after all. There is no word on when that video might come out, but given how the card hasn’t even been made official yet, I’d say it’s not exactly close. 

Update: Gamers Nexus have come forward to elucidate that they’re, in fact, not reviewing the Arc A750. They’re just talking about it internally right now. This makes sense considering how the GPU’s launch is still quite far away, heck, this most likely is a engineering sample that can’t get reviewed anyways. Officially, at least.

As tradition holds, the Arc A750 would likely be seen in China first, before it makes its way to the North-American regions. Therefore, be on the lookout for more leaks and insider info on the card coming out in the following weeks. 


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