Intel Arc A380 Shows A Huge Performance Leap On Overclocking, Matching the GTX 1650

Famous Russian PC enthusiast, PRO Hi-Tech recently overclocked the Arc A380 in a video to show what sort of performance uplift one can expect. 

A rather intriguing method was used in this case as he did not change the core clocks on the GPU, rather he changed the voltage offset, which is basically how much you want to overvolt from the base voltage, using “Intel’s proprietary graphics utility” as overclocking software such as MSI Afterburner do not support the Intel Arc A series of GPUs currently.

Intel’s leaked lineup for the Arc A series

With the help of Intel’s proprietary graphics utility, the Youtuber set the GPU Performance Boost to around 55% while setting the voltage offset to 0.225mV. This increase in voltage, led to an increase in available power causing an increment in GPU core clocks of about +100 MHz to +150 MHz. Subsequently, the GPU was able to perform much better although while consuming 50-60% more power at times.

From these results, we can make out that Intel’s Arc A GPUs are mostly power limited as an overclocked variant of the A380 can easily compete against NVIDIA’s GTX 1650.

Intel’s Arc GPUs utilize the Resizable BAR technology much better than NVIDIA and AMD, making ReBAR almost an essential part of these GPUs. 

Intel ReBAR ON vs OFF | Gamer’s Nexus

Gaming performance as shown by PRO Hi-Tech, can increase by 25% on using ReBAR. Such increases are appreciated, however, this shows how far Intel GPUs lack behind in driver optimization as frame buffer access heavily depends on how well the drivers are made. This is exactly why NVIDIA and AMD GPUs do not benefit much from ReBAR.


Another major issue with the Arc A380 is that the TDP is around 75W, but the GPU rarely crosses 4050W during normal use and even with overclocking it does not surpass 60W. The power delivery relies on the driver optimization with respect to each game, therefore Intel does have the necessary hardware, it is just the software/driver segment that lacks proper management.


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