Intel Arc A-Series to launch in Q3 2022

Recently, a few rumours came up stating that Intel plans to wrap its dedicated GPU deparment. However, recent reports refute such statements.

There was always some issue with the Arc A GPUs and to top it off, Intel essentially was not able to deliver the GPUs after delaying them for over 6 months (Considering Q1 2022 as the original launch date). A beacon of hope lit up as Intel finally has plans for the global launch of the Arc A-Series. 

Intel Arc A5 and A7 desktop cards will start to ship in Q3. Our energy-efficient blockchain accelerator Blockscale achieved a major milestone in Q2 with revenue shipments to our lead customers, going from tape-in to shipping in less than a year. We expect to ship millions of units this year, not originally in our forecast.

Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger

Q3 2022 is just a fiscal quarter having the date range, July 1 – September 30. July has already passed, meaning we’ll have to see if Intel can deliver because they only have 2 months left to do so.

Making these sources more concrete, Igorslab says:

Intel is said to have now internally decided on a narrower time frame. If they’re going to stick to the current timeframe, the range that’s being colocated to me now is between Aug. 05, 2022 and Sept. 29, 2022. This means that there is enough time to launch the three announced larger models one slice at a time. It is interesting that the internal documents no longer report about a large-scale, joint launch event, but it could rather be a kind of “silent” launch, which could be carried out gradually in the retail sector and via only a few media.

~ Igorslab

Intel will deliver a few samples to select testers and enthusiasts in order to retain a positive reputation regarding the Arc GPUs.

During a twich stream, PCGamer states that Intel will hold back the launch until these GPUs have been tested and are ready for the mainstream market. To make matters more uncertain, the Q3 launch date still does not mention whether it will be a global launch or just shipments to a few countries.

Clearing out all the bogus, Raja Koduri reassures the consumers that they will be able to see Intel Arc this year. While this does put some hope in our hearts, it still does not explain how Arc will be able to compete against the likes of RDNA 3 and Lovelace

All in all, we hope that Intel will improve as time goes on. Because another competitor in the GPU market essentially means more price cuts and better performance for the end users, which in this case are us.


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