Complete Lineup of Intel Arc A-Series Leaks Out

The open source OpenGL and Vulkan driver for Linux known as Mesa3D has revealed all the upcoming SKUs from Intel’s Arc A lineup. Intel’s first shot at dGPUs has backfired heavily due to high expectations. From an initial release date sometime in Q1 2022 to the lack of communication even after 6 months, the community is starting to lose hope. However, team blue has promised the Arc A GPUs within the next 20-30 days.

A Leaked List To Raise Hopes

The leaked list includes the following GPUs:

  • 0x5690 – Intel Arc A770M Graphics
  • 0x5691 – Intel Arc A730M Graphics
  • 0x5692 – Intel Arc A550M Graphics
  • 0x5693 – Intel Arc A370M Graphics
  • 0x5694 – Intel Arc A350M Graphics
  • 0x56a0 – Intel Arc A770 Graphics
  • 0x56a1 – Intel Arc A750 Graphics
  • 0x56a2 – Intel Arc A580 Graphics
  • 0x56a5 – Intel Arc A380 Graphics
  • 0x56a6 – Intel Arc A310 Graphics
  • 0x56b0 – Intel Arc Pro A30M Graphics
  • 0x56b1 – Intel Arc Pro A40/A50 Graphics
  • 0x56c0 – Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series 170 Graphics
  • 0x56c1 – Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series 140 Graphics
Intel Arc A Lineup | Kepler

Here we see some GPUs tagged as ‘dg2_g12‘, a chip that Intel has not officially announced yet. This may be an unreleased/abandoned project. In addition, we also have the Flex Series 140/170 which have been discussed here.

Some SKUs named as ‘Intel Graphics‘ are rumoured to be team blue’s yet to launch A200M mobile GPUs. As per reports, this GPU runs slower than the A350M acting merely as a display adaptor/graphics accelerator akin to NVIDIA’s MX series.

Release Date and Performance

Recently, we got information from Intel themself that the next-Gen ‘Battlemage‘ and ‘Celestial‘ GPUs were already in production. Thus, Intel will not back out after just 1 attempt. They’re aiming to stay here for much longer. As for the performance numbers, the Arc A380 due to driver optimizations now runs ‘flawlessly‘.

The Arc A GPUs are set to hit the shelves sometime in Q3 2022. This deadline will end in 2030 days. So in short, you will get an Arc GPU by the end of this year. We just don’t know when.


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