Apple’s Shift to Custom ARM-Based Chips Will Kickoff in 2020

Intel confirmed that Apple’s first custom Mac chips will be out next year

There are no surprises that Apple has been looking to ditch Intel processors for its MacBook and Mac devices. The Cupertino Company has been looking to bring its own ARM-based CPU on these devices. And today Axios confirmed that the move could happen as early as next year. Developers and Intel officials have confirmed the timeline to Axios regarding the transition.

Intel officials believe that the first custom Mac chips will arrive in 2020. The slow transition will be a significant hit in the revenue for Intel. The company earns a significant portion of its revenue from Apple. This shift could lead to decreased revenue for Intel. With Apple now coming with its own chips, it is expected that there won’t be any processor shortages as it has been in the past.

One App for All Devices

The move to ARM-based chips is an effort from Apple to make all its devices work together. This will allow the company to run the same apps on all its devices. This will be a help for developers as well. They will now have to create only one app that will work on all the devices of Apple. It will reduce the workload of developers as they won’t have to work on developing Mac apps.

Bloomberg last week reported that by 2021 Apple wants developers to develop just one app. That particular app will be compatible to work on all devices of the company. the plans right now are fluid and can be changed but for now, it looks as if Apple is getting ready to have one app for all its devices. The transition will help in unifying Apple’s operating system on all its devices.

The app merger plan by the iPhone maker does not mean that the company will also merge iOS and macOS on one platform. The operating system will continue to be different but the apps will be the same for both the operating system.

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Apple’s Shift to Custom ARM-Based Chips Will Kickoff in 2020

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