Apple’s Premium VR Glasses Could Support Two 8K displays and a Price Tag Up to Around $3000!

By now, we know Apple plans on coming out with its smart glasses eventually. There have been rumours and bits of news here and there. Not to mention, we also know that the company would be transitioning into the realm of VR and AR slowly, paving its way from a more premium product to one which users would much rather want. A while back, in a report, we got pretty legitimate news about this topic, which we covered on our platform here.

Now, news posted on Engadget sheds more light on the subject. According to the article, they take their source from the Information. They claim that Apple’s product, from a source within the company, would be more premium than we initially thought. Coming in at about $3000, this product would be in a category of its own. It would challenge the technological space by providing an experience never before seen. Not to mention, the company would add features which obviously are a class apart. This would suggest the heavy price tag, of course.

Apple Glass?

Coming to these “amazing” features, they claim that Apple would be pairing the glasses for VR and AR applications with a plethora of cameras and sensors for a true to life experience. Not to mention, they would also have 8K displays built in to make sure what people see is truly embedding real-life quality. Perhaps, when we look at it in this way, the heavy price tag does make some sense. After all, 8K displays, running on such a small machine, however, they manage to pull it off, it would genuinely be a great feat. Of course, all of this would be still based on rumours. Perhaps the final product turns out to be completely different. Perhaps, Apple may shelf it entirely. For now, it is expected to come out sometime next year. All we can do is wait till then.


Sarmad Burki

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