Apple’s New Mac Chips? Basemark A Solution To Benchmark These At Launch

As we all know, Apple announced the new take it would be going for, for its upcoming Macs. This transition would include a new Apple Silicon (based on an ARM process) to replace the Intel ones found today. The company claimed that this entire transition may take about 2 years. The first of the iteration would come by the end of the current year.

Apple’s New Chip

Now, a lot of people had questions. Apple announced that they would be launching a developer kit which would include a Mac mini with the new custom Apple Silicon. This is to ease the transition for developers. This is because most of the apps we see today are better integrated and optimised for systems which have a different process behind them. This means that apps would run differently on them as well. To aid this transition, now they would have this kit.

In the keynote, the company did announce how this would be revolutionary. Everyone expected this but when Apple announced the expected performance gains, people were actually surprised. With an increase in performance by more than about 50%, these processors would actually work quite well while being more power-efficient. While that is the case, people would like to run benchmarks on these computers. Currently, no benchmark software would support this. This was until a post (a press release) on claims that Basemark would be having full support for the new silicon. According to the post, they have added :

Basemark is working on adding 100% compatibility to Apple Silicon to our cross-platform GPU 1.2 benchmark. With GPU 1.2 you can compare performance of integrated graphics solutions across Mac devices…

They claim they want to be the first company to be able to analyse and benchmark the new chip and perhaps they would be with this first-mover advantage they have just attained.


Sarmad Burki

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