Apple’s Foldable iPhone Update: Tweet Claims No Foldable Display, Round Edges & No Notch

There have been rumours that Apple has been working on a foldable iPhone. The thing with Apple is that they are never the first to the market with a new feature. They let the thing run its course and then give out the perfected product, devoid of any issues. Thus, it is likely that we won’t see the foldable iPhone for quite some time now. That hasn’t really stopped people from taking a swing at rumours.

The Foldable iPhone?

According to Jon Prosser, an amazing authority on leaks and rumours, he has seen the foldable iPhone (well, the most updated prototype anyway). According to his latest tweet, he describes the product, not really sharing a photo.

According to him, he claims that it isn’t really a foldable phone. By that, he means that there isn’t a foldable display on board. Instead, he claims that there are two separate displays which are separated by a hinge. This seems like a dated design, something similar to what LG did with its display cover. According to Jon, the device is round and has stainless steel edges much like what we saw with the iPhone 11. One biggie though, the device does not support a notch. Instead, he claims, that the outer display has the sensors for the Face ID. We guess Apple is going with the no fingerprint approach here too. The Face ID sensors would be housed in a forehead on the outer display, perhaps like we can see on the iPad Pro.

In the comments, we even saw people guessing and one person’s render seemed to hit close to the prototype. Though it is still too early to say what the final product would be like. Perhaps we’d see it in the next fall or the year after.

Jon Prosser Said That this was close to what the prototype looked like – Luc Richard

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