Apple to Integrate China’s YMTC NAND Chips into iPhone 14

According to reports, Apple has given the go-ahead for Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp.’s 3D NAND flash to be used in the next iPhone 14 devices. The decision is a significant triumph for YMTC and will guarantee a consistent flash memory supply for Apple’s forthcoming devices.

According to BusinessKorea, Yangtze Memory would first provide Apple 3D NAND for its next iPhone 14 smartphones. Apple requires a lot of DRAM and NAND since smartphones are the company’s most popular products. However, Apple could also use YMTC’s memory in other products. For instance, YMTC will soon release a family of fiercely competitive six-plane 3D NAND chips with the company’s Xtacking 3.0 architecture and a 2400 MT/s interface speed.

Image: YMTC

The newest technologies from YMTC will require some time to develop and integrate with Apple’s existing offerings. However, given the specs provided by the most recent 3D NAND chips from the firm and Apple’s experience with 3D NAND and controllers, YMTCs have an excellent possibility of eventually making it into iPads or Macs.

Apple, one of the biggest customers of 3D NAND flash in the world, usually buys memory from a variety of suppliers, including Kioxia, Samsung, and SK Hynix. Since many of the items provided by the four manufacturers are almost similar, the addition of YMTC to the supply chain gives Apple additional options in terms of specifications and effectiveness, as well as superior purchasing power.

Landing a supply arrangement with Apple is significant for YMTC since, until now, the business has supplied chiefly Chinese manufacturers with its 3D NAND and solid-state drives.

With businesses like SMIC and YMTC receiving orders abroad, Chinese manufacturers have recently stepped up their game in the global market. Given that companies are drawn to Chinese services, it will be intriguing to see how the center of gravity for technology changes in the East.


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