Apple WWDC 2019 Plans: Revamped iOS, MacOS & A Brand New WatchOS To Be Expected

As we enter into the second quarter of the year, Apple rumors surface with full acceleration. While all eyes are still on OnePlus’ event this month, Apple simply should not be ignored. Apple follows the typical routine where it introduces its new iOS, MacOS and WatchOS. The event, WWDC, incorporates all these new announcements, right before the big iPhone event in fall. Luckily enough, Bloomberg’s broadcaster, Mark Gurman, brings about his prediction to what the event would hold. In a report by Bloomberg, Mark presents what he believes Apple would be unveiling at the event.

Apple Devices
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According to the report, Apple would be introducing the next generation of iOS. While that should be the main headliner, the writer believes Apple would bring changes to MacOS and WatchOS as well. The breakdown is as follows:

iOS 13

While iOS has become somewhat of a stable platform, there is always room for improvement. The biggest and most likely feature to come is a dark mode for iOS. Apple started this feature in MacOS Mojave and since then it has been quite a hit. Since Majority of the iPhones have an OLED display, users will be thrilled with the crispiness. Not to mention, it would bring about better battery life for said iPhones. Apart from that, the messages app would be revamped to give a more social media app kind of aesthetic. Apple clearly plans to compete with the likes of Whatsapp and Messenger. While other features involve a whole change in aesthetic, a striking one is for the iPads. Perhaps the iPad may be up for a visual tweaking for certain tasks to make it feel more of a computer rather than a tablet.

MacOS and WatchOS

There are two main features coming to an already amazing operating system. The MacOS will be welcoming Marzipan. A utility SDK which would allow Macs to run iOS apps. The SDK for the application would obviously come with the launch. Apple sees a future Mac lineup to support the feature, something Chromebooks have been doing for quite a while now. While we do miss the battery time remaining on our MacBooks, Apple brings its screentime feature for the Mac. Previously Apple launched it for the iPhone and personally speaking, the feature has really helped me cut down on my phone usage, having mercy on my eyes.

While that was all for the two processing machines, we come to WatchOS. Apple’s Watch has gained quite the traction. It was not so long ago that we saw the first Apple Watch be ridiculed for its glitches and shortcomings. Not anymore, Apple’s product has become quite the wearable since then. It still lacks an app store of its own, something its rivals at the android side of things does have. Perhaps that is why Apple would be introducing a dedicated App store for the platform. This would open up so many opportunities for developers to make the watch more functional.

Apart from the main features highlighted, Mark has listed all his predictions in the report linked above. Perhaps Apple may have something entirely different up its sleeve (a big perhaps). Till then, we have to keep our ears and eyes alert for the rumor train and wait for the actual event itself.

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