Newer Apple Watch Models Won’t Require an iPhone to Use GPS Features

For specific features, such as connecting to GPS, older Apple Watch models required an iPhone to be associated with them. The 2022 models will thankfully not need a connection to an iPhone, even if it is a midrange model, but there are still some disadvantages to these modifications. 

The firm states that this will occur once the more recent wearables begin using their GPS in an Apple support article that instructs customers to calibrate their Apple Watch to get accurate measurements during workouts and other activities.

Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and SE (2nd generation) use Apple Watch’s built-in GPS, even when your iPhone is nearby. To preserve battery life, older Apple Watch models use your iPhone’s GPS when available.” 

Previously, customers would obtain greater battery life in exchange for connecting to an iPhone to utilize that device’s GPS, but they would also get an erroneous measurement during calibration. Instead, the iPhone’s battery life will be retained, although this strategy might result in less overall endurance for Apple Watch models in 2022. Remember that wearables have much smaller batteries, so wear and tear may occur more quickly.

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Given that the model is more significant than the standard Apple Watch Series 8 and second-generation Apple Watch, which merely means it is furnished with a larger battery, we anticipate that the Apple Watch Ultra users would likely use this capability. The more expensive wristwatch has a 542mAh battery, compared to the Apple Watch Series 8’s 308mAh cell, which is a 76 percent difference in battery sizes, according to a previous disassembly. Some reviewers who got a chance to experiment with it also gave it high marks for battery life.

It is expensive, however, and only a few customers can consider it as a factor. In a forthcoming watchOS update, Apple could offer consumers some modifications by giving them the option to link with an iPhone to once again save battery life, and vice versa. What the company’s intentions are will become clear with time.


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