Apple Watch Saves the Life of an Injured Mountain Biker

In Spring Valley, California, earlier this year, McConnaughey was mountain biking when he was involved in an accident that sent him flying over his handlebars and plunging headfirst to the earth. In an interview with KGTV, the 23-year-old narrated the events that followed.

McConnaughey’s mountain bike accident left him paraplegic; he claims he didn’t experience any pain but was unable to move past his neck. Ryan realized he needed to contact for assistance, but he couldn’t find his phone in his bag. He automatically reached for his Apple Watch and activated “Hey Siri” to call a close buddy who would be aware of his whereabouts.

From his Apple Watch, McConnaughey also made a farewell call to his fiancée and 911. He used his Apple Watch to record an audio message for her, not knowing if he would live or die.

“I never would have thought I’d be using an Apple Watch to make a lifesaving phone call. That watch saved my life. No doubt about it. No way anybody would have found me,”

-Ryan McConnaughey 

Ryan needed many life-saving surgeries after being evacuated to the hospital, and he was later given the diagnosis of a quadriplegic. Ryan still uses his Apple Watch while he recovers from the injury. This event evidently shows us how technology has evolved over the past decade and how it has led to the nourishing lives of several individuals. 

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