No New Sensors in Apple Watch Series 8, However, Physical Specficiations May Be Upgraded

As per recent reports, Apple’s new Watch Series 8 will feature no new sensors.

Previously, it was thought that the Apple Watch Series 8 will ship with a body temperature sensor to detect fever and other temperature related ailments. In a sad turn of events, Apple’s new watches will feature no new sensors and hardware. Only the physical specifications will be buffed up, literally.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman

“I’m told that the high-end model is going to be a good bit bigger than the standard Apple Watch—big enough that it might only appeal to a subset of customers. The screen will be about 7% larger, and the device will have a fresh look—the first time the company has introduced a new Apple Watch design since 2018. It will be an evolution of the current rectangular shape, and not circular. It also won’t have those rumored flat sides (for those who will undoubtedly ask). In terms of materials, the watch will have a more durable formulation of titanium to make it extra rugged.”

He also states ,“the blood-pressure technology probably won’t arrive until 2025” and the “glucose feature may not be ready until nearer to the end of the decade”. It should be kept in mind that implenting such sensors and technology is not as easy as it sounds. Although, it does disappoint us that we’ll have to wait a few more years to see these new features.

Apple plans to release 3 variants from its Apple Watch Series 8, with the flagship variant being nicknamed as the ‘rugged variant‘. The name likely comes from its exterior which features a rugged casing having military grade materials. This will make the watch sustainable in extreme environments such as underwater.

Some rumours state that only one million units will be produced and you can thank the hefty price tag imposed on this watch for that. Not everyone wants to use a ‘professional‘ smartwatch so therefore, demand is expected to be low.

Similarly, blood pressure and glucose monitoring will be missed out as they also require new sensors. Although, future versions may ship with these abovementioned featuers, however, as for now we will have to make do with what we get. The Apple Watch 8 Series is rumoured to use the same SoC as was used in the 6 and 7 series indicating towards no hardware improvements as well.

These new watches are expected to be unveiled within two months. Apple has put all its eggs in one basket as it counts on the ‘rugged variant‘ to outclass and outperform all competition in the market. This move may increase Apple’s appeal for sports enthusiasts but only time will tell how well can these watches fare against the competition.


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