Apple’s VR Headset Could Include Gloves For Finger Gestures

Apple continues to file and obtain patents for Apple Glasses, its highly-anticipated augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) device. Today, the business was awarded a number of patents pertaining to the usage of gloves to detect skin-to-skin contact in AR/VR.

According to Patently Apple, VR gloves might enable users to execute tasks such as moving a pointer, scrolling, opening a document, making a selection, and more. When using the Apple Glasses, the motions may require skin-to-skin contact. Furthermore, the camera or radio frequency-based technologies on the headset might be used to track a user’s finger movement.

The patent application also describes a system that detects skin-to-skin contact using two Apple Watch-like sensors. According to the patent, one wearable will be designated for sensing while the other would be designated for gesture execution. The patent also depicts a ring rather than a watch that might be used in connection with the VR Gloves for specific activities.

Image: Patently Apple

We must remember that it is up to Apple to decide when and if it will use the patents it has secured. It is not necessary for the product to get released into the market. However, the patent does show a promising future in the world of VR technology.


Muhammad Zuhair

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