Apple Rumored to Include Under-Display Face ID to iPhone 16 Variants in 2024

Apple is supposedly delivering a significant aesthetic makeover in 2024, with all iPhone 15 models reportedly sporting a “pill-shapedDynamic Island this year. The business reportedly plans to add Face ID to its premium iPhone models, which are expected to be branded the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Ultra, beneath the display. 

In 2024, according to The Elec, Apple will move the parts needed for Face ID verification right beneath the iPhone’s display. The TrueDepth camera for Face ID won’t be seen below the display when it’s not in use; instead, it will look perfectly integrated with the surrounding screen area.

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island | Image: Apple

The front-facing camera’s lens will be the only part of the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Ultra that can be seen when it is brought forward for verification; the TrueDepth camera and dot projector will not be seen. The entire screen-to-body ratio will rise as a result, giving users a more immersive experience. Sadly, since it is not yet available, this technology will not be introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Ultra. 

This follows the strategy that display analyst Ross Young outlined in May 2022. When releasing updated display cutouts or new under-display technologies, he described a cycle where Apple would rotate between the Pro and the non-Pro versions every year: 

Additionally, putting components under the display degrades the picture quality, so it’s unclear how Apple can keep the TrueDepth camera’s authentication accuracy when a whole OLED screen is covering it. Fortunately, Apple will ultimately transition to an under-screen camera if it thinks there is no quality sacrifice, giving users of the iPhone a “full-screen” experience without any display cuts at any point on the device.

Sadly, it could be a while before Apple decides that the quality of these components meets its standards. Furthermore, given that Apple might encounter difficulties with the hardware development process at any point, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the iPhone 16 Pro or iPhone 16 Ultra continue to launch with a Dynamic Island.


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