Apple Trademarks “xrOS” For Its AR Headset, Launch Expected by WWDC 2023

For the first time, Apple has indirectly disclosed both the name of the operating system for its future headset as well as the official name and design that goes along with it by registering a wordmark for “xrOS” in New Zealand.

Parker Ortolani discovered at the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office a wordmark for xrOS that indicates Apple would promote the operating system using the same San Francisco font as it uses macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

xrOS Trademark | Parker Ortolani

The “xr” in “xrOS” is short for “extended reality.” Since the headgear will be capable of combining augmented and virtual reality experiences, the term “extended reality” encompasses them all. We reported last year that Apple insiders had verified the moniker, and now it has been revealed that Apple has been trademarking xrOS through a secret shell business in a number of nations.

xrOS will feature a user experience that is quite similar to iOS, so iPhone and iPad owners will feel right at home with it. On the Home screen, you’ll be able to rearrange the app icons and add widgets as you see fit.

The AR/VR headgear will come with updated versions of popular applications like Maps and Messages. Apple is also developing a software development kit for the headgear so that third-party developers may make their own applications for it.

Apple AR | Apple

The Apple headset is said to be named the “Reality Pro,” and its first retail price might exceed $3,000. As predicted, it will have bespoke Apple silicon, with a core CPU offering performance on par with that of an Apple M2 chip coupled with 16GB of RAM.

With a custom MagSafe connection installed for charging, the battery life is predicted to be about 2 hours, indicating that the headset may be worn while charging with the connector detaching without fear of coming off. Modern optics driven by high-resolution OLED displays are anticipated, and it may be operated by digital rings instead of standard VR controllers.

The augmented reality headgear is rumored to debut at WWDC 2023, so stay tuned to Appuals for further developments.


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