Apple to Introduce New Display Technology: Macbooks, iPads and a New Apple Display!

The rumour train is one which should not be taken as something set in stone. While some news may be on point (ahem, pixel 3 renders), others are somewhat misunderstood or falsely reported. In recent updates, a report by Ming-Chi Kuo was translated. According to the report, Apple, the hardware, the trillion-dollar giant would be using mini-LEDs on their upcoming devices.

Using mini-LEDs means that the display would be more colour accurate, more bright and balanced. While it is all of that, it would give accurate contrast levels as well. Perhaps this would be quite useful if Apple were to include this technology on its phones. Moving deeper into the report, it is confirmed that the transition, not that it would be done overnight, would be the future of Apple. While Macbooks, iPads and iPhones (ahem NOT XR) already have amazing screens, this would be the spec bump they need.

The highlight of the report, in my opinion, was the mention of a 31.5-inch panel. Perhaps this would replace the display Apple used to make but then discontinued. For those of you who do not remember, Apple introduced a thunderbolt display back in 2011. It was a 1440p panel, at 27 inches. For the time, it was quite sharp and often people paired it with Macbooks as an external display. Sadly though, the display was officially discontinued in 2016 after which Apple partnered with LG to give the 5K Thunderbolt 3 monitor.

Apple ThunderBolt Display
Apple ThunderBolt Display

Coming back to the report, as the display was mentioned, DigiTimes incorrectly interpreted it. Of course, due to the language barrier, it gets a bit tricky at times. Perhaps that is why, after thorough research and reading through the report, MacRumors concluded that there was no mention of the mini_LED technology for the iMac but it was a standalone display, as mentioned previously. In addition to that, the report also included that Epistar would be manufacturing the LEDs, LG the LCDs while the Backlit Units would be produced by Radiant Opto-Electronics.

In the end, keeping aside the legitimacy of the report, I would like to emphasise how important of a step this can be for Apple. It would mean that the already brilliant screens on iPads and MacBooks would be even more impressive. Not to mention, for me the highlight would be the display.

If Apple does decide to reintroduce the Apple Display, it would mean two things. One, It would be a heck of a display and two, It would cost a fortune. According to the report, we would start seeing the new display systems by the end of this year but then again, it is only a rumour and nothing more.

Sarmad Burki
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