Apple To Include Display Extension Solution in MacOS 10.15 Update

Do you all remember the time we had to install an App for every little thing we needed to do on our mobile devices? Take the iPhone for instance, the original iPhone could not shoot videos from its camera. That’s right. Heck! there have been phones not equipped with stopwatches. Even to this day, the iPad doesn’t come with a calculator App (Awkward). Jokes aside, this was the famous App era. Back then, people would always compare their apps and how their phone could do this, or that. It is safe to say we are out of that. While Apple products still lack a thing or two when it comes to features, native feature support is covering the gap. Screen Recording for example. Apple recently included it in its iOS 11 update. Similarly, a report on 9to5mac suggests that the upcoming MacOS 10.15 would feature a window extension to an external display.

Luna Display
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This feature, the idea of it at least, is not a breakthrough or something new. The idea was used as a hardware feature by Luna Display. The company provides an 80$ solution which allows users to plug in a USB-C dongle to their Macbook and use an iPad as a secondary display. It is unclear at the moment how Apple’s solution would be. According to the report, users can access the option to extend a window by hovering over the green minimizing button on the corner. This would then give a number of options ranging from mirroring a display to just importing one window to the external display. Not only that, iPads which support Apple Pencils would allow users to draw. This means the iPad would act as a drawing slate with the Mac.


For now, very little is known about the feature, apart from the report. We do not even know whether Apple’s solution is software or hardware based. What we do know is, this would be quite an interesting integration between devices. It would also allow users to have extended displays for e.g video editing, on the go. Users would also be satisfied to know that Apple is a brand that “cares” (please note the quotation marks). Finally, if Apple does go with Luna’s Display technology, expect a 100 to 150$ dongle. If that is the case, Apple shouldn’t even bother because, in a market full of perfect substitutes, the consumer would pick Luna’s product ten out of ten times.

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Apple To Include Display Extension Solution in MacOS 10.15 Update

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