Apple to Break 5nm by 2020 and TSMC to Spend $25Bn For It

You may have heard the term ‘nanometer manufacturing process’ somewhere or another. It’s alright if you haven’t because it has to do with CPU manufacturing. the term is prefixed by a number which defines how small the processor’s transistors are. The smaller the number is, the better it is for both performance and power efficiency. More transistors can be etched into a given space the smaller the transistors themselves get. At the moment, the smallest manufacturing process is the 7nm manufacturing process. However, it seems that Apple wants to take things even smaller.-

Apple’s Processor Manufacturer Making Pre-emptive Decisions

TSMC, Apple’s only processor provider, has opened a manufacturing plant in Taiwan for 5nm chips. Reports indicate that TSMC wants to get 5nm ready by the development of 2020 iPhones so that Apple will continue using their chips. That TSMC is planning to spend $25 Billion towards the affordable manufacturing process of these -chips says something. Maybe it’s that Apple’s business is a profitable one. It could also be an attempt at getting the tech giant to bring their phones back to the average consumer’s affordability. For the time being, Apple is staying with their 7nm FinFET A12 chips, for 2019.

Moving to a 5nm manufacturing process will most likely prove to be very beneficial for Apple. Not only will the processors to come from this process be much more powerful than their 7nm predecessors, they will also demand less power from the battery which will result in better battery life. Predictions for the processors is that they will be at least 40% faster than 7nm. However, that’s a deduction made purely through hypothetical mathematics.

Furthermore, if Apple intends on bringing the 5nm chips to Macbooks, iPads, and iMacs then the results there might prove to be phenomenal. However, Apple has so far stuck with Intel chips for their Macbooks and iMacs. Hence, it may not be the case.

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Apple to Break 5nm by 2020 and TSMC to Spend $25Bn For It

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