Apple to Adopt New Display for iPhones: Apple Phones in 2020 Might be Equipped with 120 Hz Displays

While the rumour train is full of news for the upcoming iPhone XI this fall, well known leaker @universeice has other news for all the tech enthusiasts out there. While the iPhone XI was supposed to carry a significant design change, according to the precedent set by Apple, leaks and renders have suggested otherwise. In my opinion, if Apple is aiming to go to market with this leaked design, a phone that looks quite dated for 2019-20, sales will continue to suffer. Anyway, stepping aside from making assumptions, we put ourselves in touch with the context for this article.

While changes like this were anticipated in this year’s iPhone, leaks and rumours suggest that is not happening. Users have been waiting for Apple to introduce USB-C in place of the lightning port and the display needs to be updated as well. While other aspects may need work as well, these two are some of the most important ones, setting the tone for a future proof device. The iPhone has always been criticised for its displays. Before, it was the size and then the resolution. Even today, with phones having 1440p panels, the iPhone simply doesn’t compare on paper. While the display on iPhone X and XS is quite good, it still isn’t the “future proofing” solution I mentioned previously.

Some good news regarding the iPhones 2020 though. While many of you may not know, iPad Pro users will definitely vouch for the quality and the feel of the display on their devices. OnePlus 7 Pro users have their display to love the most and even that is capped at 90Hz. Well known leakster Ice Universe confirms that Apple would be looking to equip the iPhones in 2020 with 120 Hz panels, similar to the ones found in the iPads.

Why I write, “…similar to the ones found in the iPads”, is because Apple would be looking to install switchable displays. By switchable I refer to a display which is not always running at 120 Hz, but only switches to it according to the App being used. This feature is currently applied on the iPad Pros and with an update, on the OnePlus 7 Pro as well. The reason why this is quite important is the fact that high refresh displays are power hungry and drain the phone ever so quickly. To optimise it better, switchable refresh rates are adopted. The display coined as the famous “Pro Motion” display, the first of its kind at such a scale.

The report continues to say the Apple is currently contacting Samsung and LG, the biggest display players in the market. Apple has been using OLED panels ever since the iPhone X and will definitely continue to expand on them. With the iPhone lineup in 2020, Apple aims to establish OLED displays with Pro Motion. This is definitely something only Samsung and LG can get done for them. According to the leaks, these new Pro Motion displays would be able to attain different refresh rates. From being at 24 Hz on static images to being at 48 Hz for most videos (unless the video demands a higher frame rate). These displays would also most likely feature the much awaited in-display fingerprint scanner by Apple.


Currently, there are still no confirmed reports on the matter. The main reason for this is that the world is concentrated on the upcoming iPhone which is just a couple of months away from its announcement. It does make sense too, as the device for 2020 is more than a year away and we have seen in the past that rumours and leaks have gone south by quite a lot. Though that is the case, there are certain aspects that the world is allowed to anticipate. For one, the device would most likely feature 5G connectivity because, by that time, it would be quite widespread and normalised. Apart from that, we can see Apple adopting USB C as they have done for the rest of their devices, leaving just the iPhone lineup as the anomaly.

For the display though, perhaps we would have to wait for the next iPhone lineup to actually gauge where Apple would go with this. Currently, the prime concern for users is the display on the lower end phones such as the XR. If Apple does do something about it in the upcoming lineup, we would surely see changes in the display for the XIS series or whatever Apple decides to call it eventually.

Sarmad Burki
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