Apple May Release the iPad 10 Next Week, According to an Estimate

According to one estimate, Apple will soon release the budget iPad 10. It’s probable that the company could reveal the tablet before the end of October

Apple is rumoured to release a less priced model in the same month as the M2 iPad Pro, which is set to go on sale in a few days. These iPad 10 compatible accessories should be available between October 22 and October 26 thanks to Majin Bu, who learned of the launch date of the iPad 10 cases. He thinks that the above dates could be when Apple releases the low-cost slate, which would coincide with the release of the new M2 iPad Pro. 

According to previously leaked renders, the iPad 10 would have flatter edges like the iPad Pro series and a quad-speaker configuration with a rear camera bump. Since it wants to keep prices down, Apple might not make many modifications to this model, but similar to the third-generation iPhone SE, the iPad 10 might see a price increase because it is expected to come with a good amount of updates. For instance, the tablet will purportedly come equipped with the A14 Bionic, the same SoC used in the 2020-released iPhone 12 series. 

The current generation of iPad Pro

The iPad 10 may be the first economical tablet in Apple’s lineup to eventually gain 5G connection in addition to the powerful chipset. We certainly hope that this baseband chip is not the cause of Apple’s pricing increase. Additionally, unlike the iPad 9, the iPad 10 could finally switch from having a Lightning port to using USB-C, completing the switchover to the new connector, at least for Apple’s larger screen devices. 

Since this model won’t feature many updates, Apple will probably announce the iPad 10 in a thorough press statement. Like before, there will be two connectivity options; the Wi-Fi-only version and the Wi-Fi + Cellular version, with the latter being more expensive. 


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