Apple Refreshes its Privacy Site To Reinforce Steps Taken To Ensure Customer Privacy

Apple has taken a bunch of steps to safeguard its user’s privacy and online security. With iOS 13, the company introduced new mechanisms of password encryption and a way to store your information without Apple having access to it. Later the company also addressed the Siri quality control issue where voice data was being recorded without user consent. In the latest Beta, users may choose to opt-out of the service entirely.

Regarding this transition by the company, Apple has announced the updated version of its privacy website. The website provides a graphical analysis and provides in-depth information about the privacy protocols adopted in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. While covering the changes in-depth, MacRumors reported about the new, revamped website.

According to the article, Apple focuses on the principles it follows while collecting and storing data. This includes new and improved ways of data encryption, data processing and transparency in its collection. In doing so, the company reinforces these principles as it talks about its services such as the Find My App, the new protocols taken in the updated Safari. They also emphasise on how data input is handled by the company. Again, quoting the Siri voice data incident is quite relevant here. Not to mention, the website is quite straightforward. To back all its claims and for customer satisfaction, they have included papers about all these issues and improvements. It would give readers a better idea about the strides Apple is taking in order to make sure customer privacy is maintained and is a number one priority.

Readers may visit the website as well by clicking on the link here.

Sarmad Burki
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Apple Refreshes its Privacy Site To Reinforce Steps Taken To Ensure Customer Privacy

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