Apple Promotes News+ : Decides to Shutdown Texture App

More often than not, acquired companies don’t see a definitive end. It is pretty fair too, considering the buyer spends millions or even billions to make it its own. In some cases though, it works out quite well though. The Parent company sits back and just controls while the original product functions as it used to before. An example of the latter can be Careem. Careem, a company much like Uber, is based in Dubai UAE. Started off back in 2012, Careem has gained quite the market in South Asia and the Middle East. It is hard for North Americans to visualize just how big the company is in these regions. Long story short, Uber found it hard to break the monopoly and ended up buying the company for 3.1 Billion dollars. In doing so, they let Careem function the way it used to.

Sudden mid-topic deviations apart, other examples include Compaq, a name that hasn’t been heard since HP acquired it. Same is the case with Texture. Texture, a digital Magazine App which started off back in 2012. Getting a lot of attention in the market with a unique product, Texture became quite popular in Canada and the US. It didn’t come off as a shocker, to be honest. An app to manage all your magazines for a small fee. This was more effective and less wasteful (Please recycle!). While it enjoyed its success, Apple saw this as a roadblock in their journey to something new. In retrospect, perhaps, we should have all seen it coming.


In a surprising turn of events, Apple acquired Texture for an undisclosed fee. It seemed quite a weird move by the hardware, trillion dollar giant. While it did, at the time, now that we see it, it was quite the move by Apple. To pave its way towards Apple News+, it needed the necessary infrastructure. While developing one wouldn’t be difficult for a company of Apple stature, it is an easier approach to go for a company that has all this down. You know what they say if you can’t paint the Mona Lisa, don’t work on your art. Work for money so you can buy a hundred DaVinci’s to do the job for you. Apple did just that and a year later, launched Apple News+.

Apple News+
Apple News+

While this is quite the move by Apple, it doesn’t sound quite good for texture. Like Compaq and many other companies before it, Texture is nearing its end. About to disintegrate into history with a very few to remember it. In a report by TechCrunch, Apple has decided to shut down Texture by May 28th. While it is sad, from a technological perspective, it is sad for users as well. Existing users will be bummed out and find it inconvenient to shift to Apple News+, although the latter is cheaper. While it is quite ideal to believe that everyone uses Apple products, it is sadly not true. Android users won’t have an alternate of the same caliber to fall back to.

Apart from this minor inconvenience, this is a brilliant and necessary step by Apple. They have made sure that people are somewhat forced to splurge money into their new service, gaining penny by penny to make that trillion dollar piggy bank (in the words of Dr Seuss), “biggerer and biggerer”. As for Texture, a message from all the users, “You will be missed.”

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