Apple Patent Reveals Reverse Recharging Mechanism Compatible with Apple Accessories

A future iPhone may use a bimodal reverse recharging system, which might allow the device to wirelessly recharge accessories, according to a recent Apple patent application. This information comes in the wake of speculations and stories that have been going around for a while now concerning an iPhone’s potential for reverse charging. In February 2021, Mark Gurman said that wireless accessory charging was improbable in the foreseeable future, despite MacRumors reporting on an FCC filing in October 2020 that backed the notion of reverse charging on an iPhone.

The latest patent application, which was made last Thursday and was made public by the US Patent & Trademark Office, is for a wireless charging system that uses bimodal magnetic alignment components to align devices. Currently, the wireless charging mechanism on the back of an iPhone is only capable of supporting charging larger gadgets like an Apple Watch due to its vast coil. 

Image: Patently Apple

Apple’s patent history says that wireless charging solutions have been developed that make use of electromagnetic induction to charge portable electronic devices without the need for a charging cable. For instance, certain portable electronic items may be charged simply on a wireless charger’s charging surface. With the help of an alternating current, a transmitter coil located below the charging surface generates a magnetic flux that changes over time and induces a current in a receiver coil attached to the portable electronic device.  

In conclusion, the utilization of bimodal magnetic alignment components enables the bimodal reverse recharging system on a future iPhone to allow the phone to wirelessly recharge accessories. It’s still being determined when this technology will be used, but it demonstrates that Apple is looking at methods to enhance the wireless charging capabilities of its products. 

In any event, this patent moves us one step closer to an Apple reverse wireless charging system, possibly even in time for the iPhone 15 series, which is said to have a bigger battery than the current generation of iPhones.

Source: Patently Apple


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