Apple’s New Patent Enhances iPhone’s Haptic Feedback Engine

Apple has recently been granted a design patent that aims to improve the protection of the Taptic Engine, responsible for providing haptic feedback and vibrations in iPhones. The patent, published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), showcases Apple’s commitment to enhancing its devices.

The Taptic Engine is a crucial component in iPhones that delivers tactile sensations to users. However, there is a potential risk of damage to the engine when a device is dropped or subjected to a strong impact.

The current design includes a mass block that hangs within the engine to produce the tactile feedback. In certain situations, such as a drop, the force experienced by the mass block may exceed the spring’s limitations, resulting in damage to the engine.

To address this, Apple’s new patent introduces an innovative solution. The company has added an external nonlinear spring component to the existing haptic feedback engine.

This additional component serves to mitigate the impact forces during drops or collisions, providing better protection for the Taptic Engine.


Farhan Ali

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