Apple Offers Double Card Dual Standby Capability in 2018 iPhones for China

According to a report published in 21st Century Business Herald in China, out of the three upcoming iPhone models scheduled to be revealed in September 2018, two will feature dual-standby-dual SIM capabilities. The report claims that only the models that will be sold in China will be equipped with a specialized tray which will accept two SIM cards simultaneously. In other countries of the world, two of these iPhone handsets will have a single SIM slot card and would add the virtual Apple SIM for the purpose of supporting the dual SIM features.

The Apple SIM which is embedded in the Apple iPad Air 2 was released in 2014 and allowed the user to actively change the wireless provider, depending on which one was offering the best connectivity, features or pricing at that time. Currently, more than 180 countries worldwide support Apple SIM. However, China is still not one of them. This explains why two out of the three iPhone ’18 models to be released later this year are going to have a tray for dual SIM card.

The Chinese report also claimed that the adding up of dual SIM-dual standby feature to the iPhone will consequently increase the sales in African and Asian markets. This is particularly true if the statistics provided by China Internet Network Information Center are considered which show that approximately 3 to 4 million Chinese smartphone owners use multiple SIM cards. Many in China supposedly prefer Android over iPhone because of the former’s supporting capability of dual SIM. This new update on the 2018 iPhone models is expected to bring a massive blow to the Android phone manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Maira Ahmed
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Apple Offers Double Card Dual Standby Capability in 2018 iPhones for China

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