Apple Next-Gen A14X Bionic Mobile Processor Matches 8C/16T Intel Core i9-9880H, Claims Leaked ‘Extrapolated’ Data

The Apple’s A14X Bionic processors, to be embedded inside the upcoming, upgraded iPad Pro tablet computers, could be as powerful as Intel’s Core i9-9880H, a High-Performance laptop-grade CPU. While the exact benchmarks to support such claims aren’t available, they are based on the past leaked data about average performance gains from previously released A-series chips featuring the ‘X’ moniker.

Apple’s A14X Bionic mobility processor has always been way better optimized, powerful, and efficient when compared against even the most powerful and flagship smartphone processors like the Qualcomm Snapdragon or even Huawei’s HiSilicon Kirin SoC. However, if the latest claims, based on extrapolated data, are any indicator, the Apple A14X Bionic processors could match or even beat the Intel Core i9-9880H. Launched last year, the Core i9 is a recent high-end CPU intended for top-end performance-focused laptops.

Apple A14X Performance Extrapolated From Leaked/Rumored SoC Info Indicates A Very Powerful Laptop-Grade Processor For iPad Pro:

The A14X Bionic is expected to be embedded inside the upgraded iPad Pro models. Experts indicate Apple is relying on TSMC’s advanced 5nm Fabrication Node to make the A14X Bionic SoC. Needless to add, the custom-designed and iPadOS optimized processor should have new performance and efficiency numbers.

Now previously leaked data and some extrapolation has been combined to indicate that the A14X Bionic might be able to compete with Intel’s powerful 9th-gen flagship laptop CPU, the Core i9-9880H. The Intel’s CPU arrived just last year and was the top-end processor. The Intel Core i9-9880H, still an impressive powerhouse, is an 8 Core 16 Thread CPU that’s present in only the most powerful of notebook computers. Needless to add, the Core i9-9880H demands some very hefty cooling solutions, which adds bulk to a laptop.

Coming to the rumors, the upcoming A14 Series of SoC that Apple has refined and fabricated, could score more than 7800 in Geekbench 5, almost matching the Intel Core i9 9880H. The tipster is even promising to release a video soon.

Incidentally, the Intel Core i9-9880H is the processor that Apple chose to embed inside the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Hence, for an SoC that’s intended for a tablet, the rumored scores seem rather farfetched. Moreover, the iPad Pro tablets do not have active cooling solutions, relying instead, on passive heat sinks and dissipation techniques.

Nonetheless, Apple has managed to make powerful chips that can work well with passive cooling in the past. The A12X Bionic, running in the 2018 iPad Pro, managed scores that were close to the processor inside the 15-inch MacBook Pro. The powerful laptop was running a flagship Intel six-core CPU.

The A14 Series of processors will include the A14X Bionic meant for Apple iPad Pro tablets, and the A14 Bionic which will power the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup. Needless to add, the A14 won’t be much slower than the A14X.

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Apple Next-Gen A14X Bionic Mobile Processor Matches 8C/16T Intel Core i9-9880H, Claims Leaked ‘Extrapolated’ Data

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