Your Next Apple Mac Product Might Soon Unlock Itself Just By Recognizing Your Face

The Face ID was a welcome change and most iPhone X users as it is a convenient way to unlock the smartphone in contrast to bringing you registered finger and unlock the device. Now, it looks like other products, and not just the upcoming iPad will be able to provide support for Face ID.

Apple won a new patent today that talks about introducing Face ID to the Mac. The application has been spotted ahead of the iPhone X launch and describes a new way of logging into Apple desktop and notebook computer lineup. The patent details how Macs can use the camera in sleep mode to detect faces and this feature may become a part of Power Nap, which allows a sleeping Mac to perform some background activities while running on minimum power.

If a user is spotted and identified using facial recognition, the Mac will wake up instantly. Basically, the Mac will remain in the sleeping mode until there is a face in view and then enter a high powered mode to carry out facial recognition before waking up the system completely.

The patent also talks about using gestures to operate a Mac, something that been mentioned in Apple’s patents before too. The filings that were mentioned belonged to PrimeSense, a company that made Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, and which was acquired by Apple several years ago.

To segment and recognize objects, depth maps may be used. Recognition of 3D shapes whose structure is like that of human beings in a depth map and the changes in these humanoid forms from scene to scene can be used to control computer applications.

The patent is very detailed and explains how body language can be used to convey the intent of the user to the Mac. The patents largely focus on the mechanisms used to make depth maps, so it remains to be seen how exactly Apple will use the information. Still, the future might not require the average user to login their Mac with a password because their face is going to be their password.

Bill Wilson
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Your Next Apple Mac Product Might Soon Unlock Itself Just By Recognizing Your Face

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