Apple’s Mini-LED Supplier Predicts Slowed Demand as Future MacBooks and iPads Shift to OLED

One of the top mini-LED suppliers to Apple claims that as the company plans to switch its iPad and MacBook lines over to OLED displays in the next years, the demand for displays in consumer devices is declining while demand for mini-LED in other applications is increasing. 

The demand for mini-LED displays for consumer electronics devices is declining, according to a recent report from DigiTimes, which cites industry sources from Epistar, a company that has long supplied Apple with mini-LED displays. Epistar predicts that demand for mini-LED displays for dashboards and vehicle displays will increase in 2023

Apple’s MacBook and iPad Lineup is Expected to Switch to OLED Panels by 2024

In recent years, there has been more talk of Apple using OLED panels in its iPad and MacBook models. These revelations, however, runs contrary to predictions that Apple will continue to employ mini-LED panels in some products. It was never made clear how Apple would choose which MacBooks and iPads would continue to use mini-LED displays and which would switch to OLED. 

Apple intends to introduce three new items in 2024 with OLED panels. Apple is getting ready to release new versions of the MacBook Air, the 11-inch iPad Pro, and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that will all have OLED display technology, according to a recent revelation from renowned analyst Ross Young. Young repeats similar claims frequently, demonstrating that his knowledge backs up Apple’s stated plans. Apple’s ambitions to transition the iPad series to OLED have previously been revealed by several different sources.

iPad Pro | Image: Apple

According to a previous report, Samsung is now giving priority to developing certain varieties of OLED screens that Apple intends to employ in subsequent iPad Pro models. Reports claim that Apple will introduce the first iPad Pro with an OLED panel in 2024, which has prompted mini-LED vendors to consider using their screens in other applications, according to DigiTimes.

When considered together, all of these rumors point to Apple’s desire to switch to OLED technology for its iPad and MacBook models. However, further explanation is still required. There is no timeframe or product strategy for the transition to OLED. Furthermore, Apple has no intention of divulging these trade secrets anytime soon.


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