Apple, Microsoft and Google introducing standardized USB HID for visually impaired

Within the fast moving world of today, a life without having know how of technology is just as living in the stone age in the modern times. Having access to technology is a right of all. This fact got perceived by Apple, Goolge and Microsoft which led them to the introduction of standardized USB for the visually impaired that supports Braille and will need no supplementary software to work with.

The three giants approached accessibility to tap the visually impaired out there and have been focusing on doing so for a long time now. Putting it all simply what it actually does is the elimination of any additional software that were previously needed for braille supporting devices. This will unlock the trade by decreasing build-out time for Apple, Microsoft and Google as a part of USB-IF (USB Implementer Forum) which a non-business entity and an amalgamation of tech vendors who strive to interconnect USB features with all the non-conventional devices.

With standardization, all the blind user out here will actually be able to freely operate majority devices and will have access to technology just simply by “Plug and Play”.

“The new standard for braille displays will significantly narrow the gap in communication between people who are visually impaired, blind, or deaf-blind and their sighted and hearing counterparts,” says Joseph Bruno, CEO of Helen Keller Services. So for all those declared blind people out there they struggle will end for downloading complex software that are no where near easy to use and partially depressing because of their complexity. So the visually will no longer feel left out in the upcoming technological advancement and will eventually make their lives comparatively easy. Standardized USB Human Interface Devices (HID) for Braille devices can be seen as a successful project by USB-IF but what shocks us is the fact that such thing did not already exist although we live in a world so technologically advanced.

Bill Wilson
Bill is a certified Microsoft Professional providing assistance to over 500 remotely connected employees and managing Windows 2008 to 2016 servers.

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Apple, Microsoft and Google introducing standardized USB HID for visually impaired

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