Apple to Initiate Production of MacBook Lineup in Vietnam by Q2 2023

According to reports, Apple will allegedly begin moving some MacBook Pro production to Vietnam after conducting production trials at Foxconn’s factory in the country. Apple has been looking at producing the MacBook Pro in Vietnam as part of measures to lessen its dependence on China. According to a recent source, Apple aims to start manufacturing select MacBook Pro models in the nation around May 2023 after conducting test runs.

Nikkei Asia claims that because of the intricacy of the MacBook Pro’s manufacturing, the transition has taken longer than it did with the iPad and AirPods

Apple has tapped its top supplier, Taiwan’s Foxconn, to start making MacBooks in the Southeast Asian nation as early as around May, sources briefed on the matter said.

Apple has been working to add production sites outside of China for all of its major product lines, but doing so for the final one, the MacBook, has taken longer due to the complex supply chain needed for making laptop computers.”

For the first time, every flagship Apple product would have a second manufacturing base outside of China if MacBook manufacturing begins in Vietnam. The report omits, crucially, any information on anticipated output levels. Given the time required to build up commercial production, Apple produces between 20-24 million MacBooks annually in China, thus it’s doubtful that Vietnamese manufacturing in 2023 would significantly impact this figure.

iPhone 14 Pro | Apple

With the iPhone, Apple is dealing with the same problem. It has dramatically increased iPhone manufacturing in India, starting with the assembly of the iPhone 14 there only a few weeks after production started in China. However, according to recent estimates, 80% of the world’s output of iPhones is still produced at a single factory in Zhengzhou, China.

Apple’s dependency on China has long been a source of concern, but the epidemic brought to light the dangers associated with the business putting the majority of its production pressure on a single factory. It was claimed that the COVID-19-related disruption at the largest iPhone manufacturing factory in the world cost the corporation $1 billion each week. While Apple has been slowly diversifying its supplier chain, the process has been challenging.


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