Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch 2019 Edition Shutdown Issue Support Document Offers Simple Workaround

The latest Apple MacBook Pro 2019 Edition laptops have been praised for the appropriate refresh, powerful hardware and for reverting back to the traditional scissor keyboard mechanism. However, some of the new Apple MacBook Pro portable computing devices, including the larger 16-inch and the smaller 13-inch model, have been facing some weird behavioral issues.

The latest issue that quite a few users complained about, was the abrupt shutdown of the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 2019 Edition laptop. Listening to user grievances, Apple has officially issued a Support Document that not only acknowledges the issue but advises a simple and possibly permanent solution. Apple has clarified that users still facing the problem, even after following the solution, should bring in their 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop to any Apple Inc certified service center or contact the company through their multiple service channels.

Apple Issues Fix For Sudden Shutdown Issue With The 13-inch MacBook Pro 2019 Edition:

The 13-inch variant of the Apple MacBook Pro 2019 Edition is quite a performer in the portable computing device category. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (released in August 2019), comes with an 8th-Gen, 2.4-GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 246GB of storage. There are several upgrade options, including more RAM, larger SSD and more powerful CPUs like the Intel Core i7.

The majority of the latest Apple MacBook Pro laptops run on macOS Mojave, but updates to macOS Catalina are rolling in quite quickly. macOS updates significantly improve performance. However, there have been reports about weird and erratic software behavioral issues.

The latest issue, particularly affecting the 13-inch variant of the Apple MacBook Pro 2019 Edition, is the abrupt shutdown. Several users of the smaller-sized Apple laptop claim their devices tend to suddenly shut down when they reach almost 25 to 50 percent of battery life. Needless to add, this is a very serious concern. Several laptops, even the more premium ones, have safety standards and protocols to halt operations. These protect the internal electronics and battery. However, the abrupt shutting of a laptop even with ample battery life can be quite disturbing.

Apple Acknowledges Weird Abrupt Shutdown Issue With 13-Inch MacBook Pro 2019 Edition Laptop And Suggests a ‘Fix’:

Incidentally, Apple recently acknowledged the weird issue, and as expected, has rolled out a ‘fix’. Interestingly, the solution that Apple is proposing isn’t necessarily a fix. Instead, the official support document acknowledges the issue, offers a series of steps that users of the 13-inch variant of the Apple MacBook Pro 2019 Edition should follow to see if the issue is resolved.

Apple Inc. advises users to disconnect their 13-inch MacBook Pro from its power adapter when its battery life falls down below 90 percent. Alternatively, users should continue using their computer until the battery life is less than 90 percent. Once the battery indicator goes below 90 percent, users should close all running applications and bring the laptop to sleep mode by closing the device’s lid. Thereafter, they should reconnect the power adapter.

While under ‘sleep mode’, and connected to the power adapter, users must let the laptop charge for eight hours. After letting the laptop be connected to a power adapter for eight hours, users must quickly update their devices to the latest version of macOS. It is not immediately clear how keeping a laptop in ‘sleep mode’ and connected to a power adapter for such a prolonged time will address the issue. It is quite possible that Apple could be attempting to re-train the internal charge controllers. Recalibration of battery and associated components often addresses such weird issues with charging, discharging and shutdown protocols.

Apple hasn’t indicated if the abrupt shutdown issue with 13-inch MacBook Pro 2019 Edition laptops is widespread or not. However, as is common with all its products, Apple assures if the solution doesn’t work, users should simply establish contact with Apple Service.

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Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch 2019 Edition Shutdown Issue Support Document Offers Simple Workaround

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