Apple Patent Reveals Unique MacBook Keyboard with Backlit Keys and Many Features

The US Patent and Trademark Office this week highlighted a new patent application that demonstrates Apple’s efforts to advance the technology of the MacBook keyboard. According to the business, current keyboard backlighting technology is being improved so that future keyboards may display various symbols depending on the situation. 

The patent, which was identified by Patently Apple, demonstrates Apple’s efforts to address these problems. The business envisions a keyboard with openings through the top and bottom layers in each key. Each key on the keyboard could be intelligently illuminated by the backlighting underneath to display various symbols and letters. 

When the keyboard is activated, however, glyphs for each of the keycaps can appear on the keys due to light emitted through the keycaps from beneath the top surfaces of the keycaps. The glyphs can appear to float due to individual light sources or displays that are positioned on or under each of the keycaps. Thus, all of the light output by the light sources or displays can be directed through the top of the keycaps to generate the glyphs, as compared to conventional keyboards where light typically bleeds between adjacent keycaps or is visible between or below the keycaps.”


Another possible scenario is also depicted in the patent, where the light source is a “array of LEDs, such as a display using micro-LED or OLED pixels.” This would be a more sophisticated application of a comparable concept, with further controls, customizability possibilities, and overall versatility. 

In some embodiments, the light sources or displays can include an array of LEDs such as a display using micro-LED or OLED pixels. The perforations in the keycaps can correspond in number to the pixels of the display so that, for example, each single pixel of the display can provide light to one single perforation.” 

Apple’s Future MacBook Keyboard Concept 

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Apple is continuously thinking about new technologies while reviewing patent applications. Every day, patent applications are submitted, and Apple has innumerable ideas that are never implemented. What Apple is describing in their patent application is quite innovative. But it’s not an easy operation to perform, as we’ve learned from prior attempts by Apple to update keyboard technologies. 


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