Apple Will Finally Be Launching a Dual-SIM iPhone but It Might Only Be Limited to a Single Country

Ever since the launch of the first-ever iPhone, Apple has always limited its smartphones and tablets to a single SIM option. Lots of Apple’s competitors are launching dual-SIM models for the longest time and in some very rare cases, triple-SIM handsets as well. So, the question is, when is Apple finally going to start being less stubborn and start producing an iPhone that will give the buyer an option to insert more than a single SIM card? The answer might lie during the month of September when Apple is pegged to release a total of three brand new iPhone models.

However, as much as we would have liked Apple to release a dual-SIM iPhone that will be sold in several countries, it looks like that dream is yet to become a reality, but for Chinese customers, their wish of seeing such a smartphone from the California-based giant might finally end up materializing. According to Economic Daily News, the upcoming iPhone 9 will have the ability to house more than a single SIM card but it is going to be limited to China only.

The remaining models, which will feature OLED screen technology, might be limited to a single SIM variant only. According to the source, the iPhone 9, which is going to sport the same bezel-less designs as the remaining two phones getting geared to launch this year is going to feature a dual-SIM dual standby mode, allowing customers to insert two SIM cards and use them seamlessly.

Dual-SIM dual standby or DSDS means that your second SIM card is going to be inactive when you’re making a call on your first network and while this might not pose an issue for a lot of people, it might bring down the flexibility options for some. So why would Apple not be interested in bringing a dual-SIM iPhone to the west?

To be honest, dual-SIM smartphones are a very rare entity in the United States, because carriers over there are selling handsets on a monthly billing system and you certainly cannot have that payment approach going along if your iPhone is equipped with two SIM cards.

This can only be applied to a phone that is unlocked, meaning that buyers will have to pay the full price up front in order to gain ownership of the phone. Having a dual-SIM iPhone in China means that users will have additional flexibility to switch between networks if they feel that one of them is offering a better deal than the first network.

Still, it will be a better idea for Apple to announce the launch of a dual-SIM iPhone in other countries as well. Do you agree? Let us know right away.


  1. Absolutely hilarious. Apple has resisted creating a dual sim phone forever because it’s a feature for “emerging markets” that can’t afford their devices. 5 to 1 odds says they tack on an additional 100 or 200 usd for the dual sim “feature” because they will need to implement code and hardware changes to support dual sim. Then they will be like “we released a dual sim phone and nobody bought it so therefore dual sim is worthless”. Lol

  2. and for the record I’m definitely not anti-Apple or pro-Android fanboy. I respect both iOS and Android for serving two very different markets. iOS is for people who want the latest cutting-edge technology and don’t care much about customizing their device. Android is more intended for the hackers / modifiers among us, though thats been changing as more Android-based phone companies try to use an Apple approach (locking down bootloaders, etc). At the end of the day its up to the consumer which they prefer, neither is “better” over the other – I just see this dual-sim thing (if they actually create it) as a way for Apple to be like “Well we tried and it failed!”, rather than any interest in actually serving emerging markets.

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