Apple Job Listings Hints Towards Opening of Physical Retail Stores in India

The Financial Times was the first to disclose that Apple had already begun hiring for its upcoming stores in India. New jobs for 12 retail positions, including store directors, senior managers, Genius Bar employees, and others, are included in the company’s most recent job advertisements at “different locations” across India.

The job postings, which mention both full-time and part-time opportunities, specifically mention the Apple Store, albeit there is no mention of the number of positions that are open. At least five employees in Mumbai and New Delhi posted on LinkedIn that they had been hired for the future stores, and Apple’s head of recruiting in India, Renu Sevanthi, “celebrated” the news of their hiring in a post on the social media platform, according to The Financial Times. 

This is consistent with a July 2022 article from The Economic Times that claims Apple intends to launch a 22,000 square foot store in Mumbai at the start of this year. Along with several other stores across the nation, the company is reportedly also building a 10,000–12,000 square foot store in New Dehli. However, it is unknown when these stores will begin accepting customers. 

Apple Aims at Utilizing the Potential of the Enormous Smartphone Market in India

In 2020, Apple opened its online store to customers in India, and shortly after that, CEO Tim Cook made a suggestion about opening a physical location during a shareholder meeting. Cook added, referring to the third-party merchants who now sell iPhones to customers at brick-and-mortar stores in India: “I don’t want somebody else to run the brand for us.” Cook had stated that Apple would launch its first location in India in 2021, however due to the cholera pandemic, these plans were postponed once more last year. 

Apple is moving more production to India at the same time that it seeks to increase its retail presence there. The company moved the production of the iPhone 14 from China to India in the weeks after its release. The company began producing iPhones in India in 2017.

India may be beginning to emerge as a more alluring manufacturing hub as a result of Apple’s attempts to lower costs in challenging economic conditions and distance itself from China for political reasons. It has a sizable smartphone market that Apple has only recently started to penetrate, beating out both China and Vietnam as the nation with the lowest production prices. 


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