Apple to Establish A New Development Site in Israel

Apple’s switch to self-reliance on silicon is nearly achieved, with the announcement of the second generation of its M-series CPUs. The corporation is steadily increasing its investment in the development of future Mac CPUs. According to the most recent reports, Apple is establishing a new facility in Jerusalem, Israel, to produce future Mac CPUs. 

Elad Wertheimer, who is in charge of hiring people for Apple’s semiconductor division, posted the news on LinkedIn. Future processors for the Mac will be the primary focus of many flagship programs in which the new Israel factory will participate. The business has already begun hiring staff for the new location.

Apple is steadily expanding its activities in Israel, including its design, engineering, and testing of silicon and semiconductors. Additionally, it was stated that the Apple team in Israel had a direct hand in the M1 chip’s creation. The new M2 processor and revamped MacBook Air and MacBook Pro were just introduced by the business. The new processor offers improved performance while using less electricity.

Apple’s M1 Chips were highly populous amongst enthusiasts | Image: Apple

The business has been working on its bespoke chips for years, and it has no intention of stopping. With the M-series of processors, yearly improvements are what we’re looking at. In Herzliya and Haifa, the firm already has research and development facilities. Nearly 2,000 individuals in the area are employed by the business.


Muhammad Zuhair

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