Apple iPhone To Get A13 SoC With Advanced AI And Machine Learning But Without 5G Modem?

The upcoming Apple iPhone will get the advanced A13 System on a Chip (SoC). To ensure the latest Apple smartphone doesn’t face supply issues, the Taiwanese smartphone chipset maker TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) has reportedly kick-started the production of A13 processor for Apple iPhone 2019 edition.

As expected, TSMC will fabricate the Apple iPhone’s A13 chipset on the 7nm production process. The SoC will have all the latest and powerful hardware features that will boost Apple iPhone 2019’s ability to process images, audio and real-time data. However, the upcoming iPhone will not have the fifth generation of mobile telecommunications standard. In other words, the Apple iPhone 2019 will not have 5G.

Incidentally, the absence of 5G only means that the 2019 edition of Apple iPhones will not be 5G ready. The Apple iPhone 2020 edition is the most likely smartphone from the Cupertino-based company to feature the 5G modem. Apple has reportedly partnered with Qualcomm for developing a 5G modem. The company has been quietly working feverishly with Qualcomm to shrink the 5G modem further, and improve the connectivity. Apple will most likely launch 5G-ready iPhones early next year.

Apple iPhone 2019 will have advanced AI and machine learning owing to the A13 SoC. The custom processor is even more powerful than its predecessor. Apple embedded the A12 chipset in the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and 2019 versions of the iPad Air and iPad Mini. The hexa-core 64-bit ARM-based processor has two high-performance cores clocked at 2.49 GHz. The A12 also packed Apple-designed four-core Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) which was claimed to offer 50% faster graphics performance than its predecessor, the A11.

The A13 will take the neural network hardware that Apple calls a “Next-generation Neural Engine” even further. The previous generation had eight cores that can perform up to 5 trillion 8-bit operations per second. Moreover, Apple had graciously opened up access to the A12’s neural network hardware to third-party app developers.

The Apple A13 processor will go in all three new models or successors to the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. However, these are currently unsubstantiated claims. Nonetheless, the upcoming models, which Apple could launch in September, have a very important differentiating factor. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max successors could sport a triple camera setup on the back. Needless to add, the A13 SoC’s advanced neural hardware should help in significantly improving the quality of the images.

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Apple iPhone To Get A13 SoC With Advanced AI And Machine Learning But Without 5G Modem?

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