Apple to Reduce iPhone 14 Plus Production By A Huge Margin

Although Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max seem to be doing well in the sales department, the same success cannot be achieved by the less costly versions introduced this year. Production is being slashed, and the situation is considerably worse than was initially predicted. This includes the bigger version, the iPhone 14 Plus, which was supposed to sell well because of its beneficial properties.

Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus Production Has Been Slashed By 90 percent Since Release

According to one of the sources, Apple has instructed at least one Chinese manufacturer to immediately stop producing iPhone 14 Plus components while its procurement team reevaluates demand for the product. Apple has situated the iPhone 14 Plus as a cheaper alternative to its more expensive iPhone Pro models but with a larger screen.

According to Economic Daily News, the iPhone 14 Plus order drop is reportedly the most in Apple’s history for the brief period of the smartphone’s introduction, with a manufacturing cut of between 70 and 90 percent. This situation puts even more pressure on the company’s largest assembly vendor, Pegatron. The supply chain partner declared on October 12 that it would start a recruiting drive to assist fulfill demand. Unfortunately, the choice was reversed on October 15, three days after Pegatron decided to hire extra staff. Thus, the production decrease for the iPhone 14 Plus hurt thousands of future jobs.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus | Apple

The 6.7-inch iPhone 14 basic model now has the same fate as the iPhone 14 Pro, but users have expressed greater interest in the Pro and Max models, probably because of their various upgrades. The iPhone 14 Plus was acclaimed for having several improvements, including a larger display, improved cameras, and more, yet it could not draw in a considerable following.

Possible contributing reasons include worldwide inflation since the rising cost of living has reduced millions of people’s purchasing power, leaving them unable to afford an update. We will inform our readers if the situation changes, but regrettably, the present state of affairs seems dire for the time being.

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