Apple Determined to Shift iPad Production to India Following Complications in China

According to reports, the business is considering shifting some iPad manufacturers to India as it seeks to dramatically lessen its dependence on China. Although “no concrete plans have been made,” according to CNBC, Apple is in “ongoing discussions with officials” regarding manufacturing the iPad in India

Apple already produces certain iPhone models in India, including the newest iPhone 14 and other previous versions that are still available. According to a Nikkei Asia story from earlier this year, the manufacture of the iPad is now predominantly based in China, with some production also taking place in Vietnam. According to CNBC, India may be the next nation to supply some iPad hardware:

India is exploring options to bring some of Apple’s iPad production to the country from China, according to two sources close to the Indian government. The tech giant is said to be holding ongoing discussions with officials. No concrete plans have been made, but if successful, it would expand Apple’s footprint in the country.

However, sources caution that a lack of highly skilled talent and individuals with expertise in building highly complex devices like the iPad could slow down these plans in India.”

A significant step in Apple’s plan to significantly reduce its dependence on China would be to expand iPad manufacture elsewhere. According to earlier coverage, Apple is moving forward with its aim to broaden its supply chain. Apple is encouraging its suppliers to do more NPI (new product introduction) work outside of China in particular. NPI job relocation would support the development of advanced manufacturing ecosystems in nations like India. The main barrier to Apple’s work moving overseas at the moment is the absence of more sophisticated production methods in other nations. 


The majority of Apple’s goods are now produced in China, despite the company’s efforts to alter that. Some variants of the iPhone are also manufactured in Brazil in addition to India. AirPods and HomePod products are made in Vietnam by Apple’s partners Luxshare and Inventec.

COVID-19 lockdowns in China have had a substantial effect on productivity. Apple issued a warning at the beginning of November stating that the closure of key assembly plants in Zhengzhou, China will significantly affect the availability of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max during the Christmas shopping season. Apple has been compelled to move its manufacturing lines to viable countries as a result of conflicts with the local authorities and rising labour prices.


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